I’m Emma, and I am indeed a small blonde. I’m a twenty-something PR lady living in Calgary with my doggo, Riggins. I’m also:

  • a chronic furniture re-arranger and room re-decorator
  • dependent on my bullet journal for all aspects of my life
  • a real sucker for puppers, doggos, woofers, and fluffers
  • learning how to prepare food after a lifetime of picky eating + grilled cheese sammies
  • tired of forgetting stuff in my other purse
  • trying to focus on my physical health and mental well-being
  • very into canadian teen pop sensation Shawn Mendes

I’m posting about the things I do to make life a little less stressful (like how I organized my inbox) and a little prettier (like my latest diy project – the macrame wall hanging).

I have two types of posts on small blonde blog:

  • Lessons (diy, life hacks, things to consider)
  • Listens (songs I’m feeling – #tunesday)

Help me help all of us get our #bestlife on – tell me what tricks you use (and what tricks you’d like to see), what projects you’ve loved, and what music you’re crushing right now (otherwise it’s gonna be a lot of Shawn Mendes – #sorrynotsorry).

Comment, email or find me on Instagram: @emmastevens_

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Kisses –