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I’m going to write another post about all the things that I’ve learned this year, but I thought we could ease into this year-in-review series with a list of my favourite podcasts from 2017.

What are your favourite podcasts? Your girl needs recommendations!

In no particular order:


This American Life I learn a lot about people from This American Life. Some of my favourite episodes this year: Mr. Lie Detector, Private Geography, Who You Gonna Call?


Heavyweight I LOVE this podcast. It has truly made me a more self-aware and compassionate human being. Fave episdodes this year: Rose and Jesse, but honestly they are all fab.

All Killa No Filla This is the funniest true crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. I don’t really want to list my fave episodes because it feels like I’m listing my fave serial killers, just go check it out.



Risk! Risk! is the NSFW podcast that introduced me to story-telling. Faves this year: The Way Home, Fight or Flight, Getting to Know You.

Sword and Scale Yes there are two serial killer podcasts in my top five podcasts, what of it? Again, not going to recommend murderers to you.


PS. The Sword and Scale cover photo is terrifying and I only just noticed. Sorry.

PPS. Bonus points if you can name the podcast I’m listening to in all of these screenshots

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  1. Hey Emma, if you liked Sword and Scale, I suggest checking out L.A. Times Dirty John – it’s a six part true-crime series with a web component (articles). I suggest listening to the podcast before delving into the web stuff to avoid spoilers. Also a big fan of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Enjoy!

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