5 things I saved on Facebook this week

I’m a huge fan of Facebook’s new-ish “save” feature. I’m often scrolling when I don’t have much time to watch or read interesting content, and the save feature lets me – you guessed it – save the links to read later. Facebook sends me a notification later to remind me that I have links to view, so I have some excellent content queued up and ready for bedtime perusing.

Here’s what I’ve saved recently on Facebook:

Fish Depression Is Not a Joke – New York Times 
“If you’re a fish, I’m a fish.” – The Notebook

Um, Disneyland’s Opening Day In 1955 Sounds Like It Was A Dystopian Hell – Buzzfeed
An event planner’s worst nightmare, including public urination (lots of it) and a fire at Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

The curious, three-person committee in Iceland that approves and rejects baby names – ideas.ted.com
Iceland is one of my most favourite things to talk about. I knew that Iceland had a list of pre-approved baby names (and that an 18-year-old girl named Blaer sued the Icelandic government to legally use her name,

17 “Normal” People Who Became Brutal Murderers -– Buzzfeed
*Read the Harry Potter thing after this one just to cheer you up a lil.

31 Posts That Prove “Harry Potter” Has The Funniest Fans – Buzzfeed


What did you save on Facebook this week?


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