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I’ve been trying to decorate the wall behind my bed since I moved in to this place in April. It’s the only grey wall in my apartment and it’s like a brown-grey that doesn’t work with the rest of my decor. I’ve tried big art, a gallery wall and even a DIY washi tape headboard, but I just didn’t love any of it.

I’ve been drooling over mood boards and collage decor on Pinterest (check my fave pinspiration here) and thought the collage look would make for a cool feature wall.

I did almost zero planning for this project, which was ~free~ and took me just over an hour to do, and I’m super happy with the results.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Gather a pile of old New Yorker, Avenue ad Dote magazines
  2. Pull a bunch of black-and-white text-only pages from an issue of the New Yorker issue to serve as “white space” on the wall. I only needed one issue for my 10′ x 12′ wall.
  3. Pull ads, photo spreads, and articles with interesting or colourful illustrations to serve as pops of colour on the wall. I pulled black and white images, anything in the pink family, and other soft pops of colour. You do you, boo.
  4. Apply pages randomly to the wall using blue tacky stuff, starting from one of the top corners. I placed pages in vertical lines from ceiling to floor. The lines weren’t perfect, and because I was using magazines of different sizes, the pages would often overlap or be uneven. I just went with it because ain’t nobody got time to measure it out (and also it looks fine). When the wall was full, I stood back to see how it looked as a whole and moved around a handful of pages to spread out the pops of colour or to put my fave pages in more visible spots.
  5. I had about a four-inch gap on the far end of the wall, so I just cut pages into strips and tacked those up to fill the space.

And that’s it. Very easy, and also very temporary, so it won’t be a hassle when I change my mind/come up with another fun idea/move out. It’ll also be fun to swap out some of the pages when I find more that I like – I sense several seasonal updates in my future  *crystal ball emoji*.

What magazines have cool photos/pictures/illustrations/covers? Taking recos always!

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