why you have to vote in Calgary’s municipal election next week

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Why you 100 per cent absolutely have to vote in Calgary’s municipal election

  1. It is your duty to vote. Be a responsible citizen.
  2. It is your right to vote. Don’t squander your incredible fortune.
  3. There is too much sh*t happening in this world to not pay attention.
  4. Here’s what happens when people don’t vote:
  5. There’s SO MUCH at stake in this election, including:
    • Billions of dollars of public transit infrastructure funding
    • Responsible public school board leadership
    • Respectful, informed discourse
    • Use of tax dollars for a sports and entertainment venue
  6. Everyone else is doing it.
  7. It is SO EASY to vote. Any Calgarian can vote at any of the advance polling stations until Oct 11. It took me 20 minutes to vote on Friday. Advance poll locations here.
  8. I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you get informed before you cast your ballot
  9. It isn’t that hard to get informed. Here are some resources for you:

About Candidates
Elections Calgary candidate profiles
Web pages, Twitter handles, and contact info for candidates

About the Issues
Calgary’s first pop-up journalism project The Sprawl
Twitter topic #yycvote

About Green Line
12 Council and Committee reports
News coverage about the project

About Southwest BRT
Response to questions asked by public
July 2016 Commitee Report
News coverage about the project

About the arena
Infographic comparing City and Flames proposals
News coverage about the topic

So go forth, Calgary. Get informed, get involved, and get your butts to the polls.

Do you have other good sources of information? Other issues to be included? Drop me a comment or shoot me an email.



    1. Yes. Voting is important no matter who you vote for. Although Trump isn’t running in this election soooo…

      1. Thanks for the response.

        I brought up Trump because you used trump and brexit as reasons to vote. As in; if more people voted (or more of the “right” people voted) then there would be no Trump and no Brexit.

      2. Yes, you’re absolutely right. I used those headlines as examples because they are issues that are highly controversial. The only way to have a say in highly controversial issues is to vote.
        And yes, you’ve pointed out my bias: I think Trump’s actions re: transgender people serving in the armed forces and North Korea are unjust, damaging and dangerous. You said you like what he’s doing – what do you like about those two issues? Would really like to understand your perspective.

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