you might remember from the car2go ad

I am THE biggest fan of car2go. I don’t own a car so I rely heavily on the car-sharing service to get me to the places and events that I can’t walk to. I take car2go to my parents’ place, to the grocery store, to spin classes and to dinner. I also take car2go to IKEA because I f*cking LOVE IKEA. Like, in the order of things that I love, IKEA and car2go are tied for third place.

ANYWAY, this summer car2go invited me to participate in their next ad campaign and I was obviously all over it. Roughly 20 of Calgary’s most avid car2go users spent an afternoon atop Scotsman’s Hill for a photo and video shoot. I got to test drive the new additions to the car2go fleet (a few gorgeous, spacious Mercedes Benz’) and talk at length about my love for the service.

About a month ago, some of the ads started popping up around town. The LRT station near my office was plastered with a group shot from the day, and I’ve heard there are a couple billboards out there but I haven’t seen them yet.

Hilarious side-note here: about a week after the ads showed up at the train station, one of the security guards in my building came up to me, showed me a picture of the ad he had taken on his phone, and asked if I was a model. I said no and he kindly said that I could be one. About a week later, a friend and I passed him in the lobby and he told us that we could both be models – part time. We’ve decided to take it as a compliment. Please also see: Flight of the Conchords – Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) 

I was cruising Twitter tonight and saw that car2go had posted a video with an appearance from yours truly. I was thrilled to see 1) that I looked OK and 2) that they used a clip of me talking about IKEA. Check, check, check it out.

Here’s a few shots from my 15 minutes of fame.




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