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Cancer runs in my family. Three of my grandparents died of cancer before I was born, my aunt died of cancer nearly seven years ago, and my mom has been cancer-free for 12 years. Cancer runs in a lot of families. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it’s estimated that in 2017, more than 206,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer and, on average, 221 Canadians will die of cancer every day.

So, yeah, cancer is a big issue that affects a LOT of people.

When I heard that ReThink Breast Cancer’s Boobyball was coming up, I jumped at the chance to get involved 1) because I really believe in the cause, and 2) because this year’s gala theme is Get Physical, and I ~live~ for 90s fashion. I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for Calgary’s tenth annual Boobyball.

ReThink Breast Cancer is a Canadian organization working to increase awareness of breast health and provide resources and support to women living with breast cancer. You might remember ReThink’s 2011 Your Man Reminder campaign (I mean, how could you forget?) Here are some of the other things I love about ReThink:

  • ReThink is focused on raising awareness of breast cancer with young women. We know that breast cancer can affect anyone at any time, but many young women aren’t necessarily thinking about their breast health. Everything that ReThink is — from branding to resources — is with young women in mind (see: Man Breasts commercial).
  • ReThink provides thoughtful support to women living with breast cancer. They host a support network and provide resources to help women understand their diagnoses and what to expect during and after treatment. They have YouTube videos about buying and wearing bras and lingerie post-mastectomy. ReThink also provides resources for people who want to know how they can support a loved one who has cancer. Their Give-A-Care collection of practical, light-hearted gifts is the most clever.
  • ReThink hosts a rad fundraising gala called Boobyball

Ok let’s talk about Boobyball. This October, guys and gals across Canada will don their oversized blazers, overalls, and spandex, to Get Physical for the cause. This actually looks like it’s going to be the most fun. Here are some things you should know about the Calgary event. Details about events in other cities here!

  • Hotel Arts on October 14 *~food and drink included in the ticket price~*
  • Dress in your 90s best (or worst, depending on how you feel about fashion of the era). Find some inspo on Boobyball’s Pinterest
  • There is an online auction opening on October 10. The auction items haven’t been announced yet, but little birdies told me that it’s gonna be dope.
  • Tickets are $110, including food and drink. If you pay for your ticket with PayPal, PayPal will donate $25 to ReThink Breast Cancer.

BB Ticket Sale Insta

This isn’t the only time you’ll be hearing about Boobyball from me. I’m really excited about the event, and so stoked to be learning about and supporting ReThink Breast Cancer.

Now: help me decide what to wear! Do I go full Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod? Do I rock The Rock’s classic turtle neck and fanny pack look? Or maybe I’m destined to wear the prom night reveal dress and butterfly clips from She’s All That. 90s hive mind: go!


  1. Love this article so much! Thank you for spreading awareness. My mom and grandma passed away of cancer. My other grandma had breast cancer and numerous friends have passed due to the same thing! It’s so important for women and men to get themselves checked. I’m sorry for your loss, just know you aren’t alone! Xo Have a Happy Friday! 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing, girl. I’m so sorry for your losses. We’re all in this together and I really believe we’ll beat this thing someday xox

  2. This is a fantastic event! So sorry for the losses cancer has caused your family. There’s not one person who hasn’t seen the hurt it causes.. as for what you should wear, totally dawn the fanny pack!

  3. Emma thank you for sharing! What an amazing post…
    Breast cancer runs in my family so this was really powerful to read, thank you for the thought you put into this. So sorry to hear about the loss in your family. You sound really strong!
    Also, can’t wait to see what you decide to wear to the event!! 90’s are a blast!

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