when your doggo won’t stop borking

My dog Riggins is the best. He’s a silly doggo who loves to snuggle, and sometimes I just can’t even believe he’s real cause he’s so dang cute. My dog is the best, but he is certainly not the goodest of boys. He lunges and barks at everything that moves, and sometimes at things that don’t move at all. He was rescued from a kill shelter in LA when he was a couple years old, and I don’t know much about his past. (Although I do like to imagine that he was part of a little gang of street dogs. He would have been the alpha dog’s right-hand man. Like Hamilton was to Washington, but with dogs.)

ANYWAY, it stresses me out in a big way when Riggs gets fired up over a skateboarder or a man in a hat or a magpie or a light breeze. I was feeling burnt out by it this week so I posted about it on Instagram. Turns out, I am SO not the only one dealing with a barky, reactive dog. Guys, I received so many good tips and comments of “omg same”, I can’t even tell you. I immediately felt better and thought some of you dog parents might appreciate the comments too. Here they are:

(But first, a picture of Riggle Diggle)58B6D103-172A-433F-A6DB-93BB9504E7E4.jpg

alishayogaI feel you, my dog is so yappy and nothing seems to work!

molls017I know this sounds cruel but I assure that it is not…buy a listerene pocket spray and spray it in his mouth when he barks out of turn.

jpstopaToys as a distraction!

jaidaanneWhen you find out let me know! Still workin on Jax. He actually understands the words No Barking now because I say them so often 🙄

alexhandleyI’ve found counterconditioning to work pretty well for specific triggers (like skateboarders, sounds upstairs, cyclists) 🚴🏻. Whenever the trigger appears we give our dog treats before she can react, associating the scary thing with something positive and delicious! 🐶You have to be really on it for it to work…we leave little bowls of treats around the house so that they’re always within reaching distance. And we always carry some high-reward treats on walks. 🥓She used to lunge and bark at skateboarders, but now she stays quiet and sometimes looks at us for a treat when they roll by!! It took a few months of consistent counterconditioning for the magic to happen ✨🙌🏻✨

breakfastattiffanymariesOh my goodness so funny you say that because our small dog just finally ‘found her bark’ after being very timid and now she barks at evvvverrrrything😂😂🙈😳

rebecccastinksLOLOL I love that. I’ve had zero success in trying to get my doggos to stop barking…glad you’re going to focus on yourself and wellness!

emilyaeyoungSo cute!! My dog is the same looooll I’ve given up at this point unfortunately but wishing you the best of luck!! ❤️❤️

katglowI’m interested in hearing what works to curb the barking. We are embarking on the same project with Juno this fall!


What else have you found works for reactive dogs? What other kinds of doggo issues are you having? #dogmomclub is here for you!

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