where to put your stuff

Now that you’ve done a good cull of your space and are feeling good about your remaining belongings, you need to figure out how to organize and store your stuff.

I have a lot of arts and craft supplies, and they take up a ton of space. I’ve donated or gifted a bunch of supplies that I just know I won’t use (I didn’t need all 300 pens, and I never got the hang of making jewelry) but there’s still a bookshelf-worth of stuff to manage.

Don’t start this project late in the evening or when you’re already tired. Have a coffee, put on some tunes and give yourself a couple hours. Enjoy!

Step 1: Do an inventory 

You might have already done this while you were culling (yay, you!) but if you haven’t, take a good look at your stuff. Put things in piles like you did when you were culling. Keep your toss, give’r and TBD bags nearby, and use them freely.

Make a list of your categories. You can add/delete/merge your categories as you go. My categories in my office are:

  • Sewing + Fabric
  • Craft Supplies + Tools
  • Baking
  • Paper Crafts
  • Home Tools
  • Riggins
  • Technology
  • Memories (pictures, keepsakes, etc.)

Step 2: Move it
Is this where this item should go? Would you get better use out of this item if it were in a different room? Maybe all these extra toothbrushes in this box should go in the bathroom?

Step 3: Cull again!
There’s always more to donate or recycle. Carry on!

Step 4: Pack dem boxes
Now that you know what you’re working with and how you want to organize it, find the appropriate box/bin/bag for storing. I have a mix of boxes, collected over time, so they don’t match perfectly, and that’s a-ok by me. Pick boxes that are sturdy enough for their contents and that will hold up to being pulled off and put back onto shelves.

Label your boxes and keep them open on the floor while you pack them. Donate or recycle as you need to, and be smart about where you put stuff – you’re not doing yourself any favours cutting corners.

Step 5: Admire your work and take a break
You done good, kid. Now take a nap!

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