when you need to get rid of some sh*t

I love a good cull. I live in a small space and have become more aware of just how much stuff I have, and how unnecessary and impulsive many of my purchases are. Going through my things once in a while is a good reminder to live simply and spend wisely.

Here’s how I cull.


  • Be honest. You only actually use two nail polishes, do you need the 25 bottles in the back of the cupboard under the sink? (I decided I did not.)
  • Be quick. Spend 15 seconds on each item.
  • Don’t get distracted. Do whatever you have to do to keep yourself focused for 45 minutes. I put a podcast on my speaker and turn my phone to do not disturb. And I stuff a kong for doggo to keep him occupied.
  • Do one box/drawer/pile/shelf at a time. Don’t tear apart your entire kitchen at 7pm on a Tuesday, because you’re going to get sick of it faster than you think, and then you’ll either A) throw everything away just to get it over with, or B) shove two-dozen orphaned tupperware lids back into the cupboard from whence they came, and neither of these is helpful. So yeah, just do one pile at a time.


  • Pick a room.
  • Pick a space/shelf/box/cupboard/closet to tackle.
  • Set up five boxes/bags/spaces in whatever room you’re working in.
  • Label with sticky notes.Optional: put the fun in functional and give your categories names. Because you can.
    • Keep / Mine
    • Donate / Giv’er
    • Toss / Chuck
    • Recycle / RRR
    • TBD
  • Keep things that:
    • you wear/use regularly
    • make you feel good
    • you can picture yourself wearing/using in the next three months
    • are in good condition
  • Donate things that:
    • are in good condition
    • you haven’t worn/used in the last year
    • are accepted/needed by local non-profits (*links)
  • Toss/Recycle things that:
    • are broken
    • are not accepted/needed by local non-profits
    • are worn out 
    • are straight up garbage
  • TBD things that:
    • you can’t decide on immediately 
    • are sentimental or make you nostalgic. These are the most distracting and honestly it’s way more fun to flip through old yearbooks over wine on a Friday night in
    • are off-season (eg. don’t make decisions about winter stuff in the summer – TBD it and come back to it in six months)
    • might actually belong to someone else #borrowedfor4years #thanks 
  • At the end of your 30-minute cull, fully pack/clean up from the culling efforts. Leave your space as you found it. *~kEeP iT ZeN~*

Hot Tips

  • If you’re clearing out your closet, put aside any clothes that you need to try on or need more than 15 seconds to decide on – try things on after you’ve finished the rest of the drawer/shelf/rack/whatever you’re working on.
  • If you’re like me and have a bunch of pens and markers, test them as you go. Look at your entire collection and decide what you actually need and use. Chances are you don’t need them all.

Happy culling, friends!

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